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We are proud to announce that we are the authorised UK distributor for GearMotive transmissions.


GearMotive is a metal machining and transmission manufacturing company from Finland.


GearMotive specialise in race car gearboxes and gear manufacturing. Race car gearboxes differ from regular car gearboxes as they can handle much more power and torque. In addition, the gears on racing dogbox gearboxes can be shifted without a clutch. The clutchless shifting allows quicker and more robust gear shifting.

GearMotive produces all gearbox manufacturing stages in-house, including: product design, machining, heat treatment, assembly and services. 


Gearbox components are manufactured from special steel designed for gear and shaft manufacturing. Machining is mostly done with CNC-machines aided with 3D-models. The company has a long experience in gearboxes, which helps to design unique gearbox products and offer customers transmission related services.